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Outstanding Dog Products

Provide by Our Sponsor


  “Santa Lucia Open Dog Obedience Group has become affiliated with J&J Dog Supplies.  J&J Dog Supplies has been in business since 1965. They sell quality products and have great customer service standards.  They are a preferred supplier of training equipment used by hundreds of dog-training clubs, schools & kennels and by thousands of individual trainers across the U.S. and abroad. J&J Dog Supplies also manufactures many of the products they sell, giving them control over the quality of the materials and craftsmanship. There  45+ year history and continued growth allows you to buy with the confidence knowing that J & J will be here to stand behind our products and serve you in the future.


  Many of SLODOG members have been buying J&J’s quality products for years prior to us becoming affiliated with them.  J & J Dog Supplies allows members and nonmembers of SLODOG to purchase products at their regular prices and will in turn pay our organization commissions by having a directed link from us on our website.  Please use this specific link so that we may be credited for your purchases.


  Commissions from your purchases will help SLODOG provide education to the general public on the proper care and training of dogs as pets, companions, and working members of our community.  These commissions will help SLODOG sponsor and participate in public events that demonstrate the many benefits of responsible canine ownership. SLODOG is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization and a 509 (a) (2) public charity.”