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Flyball is a relay race for dogs. It Is a fast and exciting sport, not only for the handlers and their dogs, but for the spectators as well. Four dogs make up each relay team. They line up in lanes that are approximately 45 feet long and set 10 to 20 feet apart. Each lane has four jumps set 10 feet apart and. At the far end, a Flyball box

In competition, as the teams line up, the suspense builds. A whistle signals the start of the race. The first dog from each team is released. The dogs leap over the jumps en route to their respective Flyball boxes, step on the pedal that sends a tennis ball flying from the machine, catch or retrieve the ball, then race back with it over the jumps to the starting line. at which point a teammate is released for their run. The team with the fastest time wins the race.

Flyball is open to all types, breeds, sizes and ages of dogs. Flyball involves canine athleticism and obedience. Titles are awarded by the North American Flyball Association . Competitions are held all over the world.

SLODOG generally holds Flyball practices at our Saturday run-throughs, these are not formal classes. Rather, they're a gathering of club members and their dogs. Some time is generally devoted to schooling new dogs and their handlers on fundamental aspects of the sport. See the calendar pages for locations and dates of SLODOG Saturday run-throughs.

If you are interested in leaching your dog Flyball. feel free to join us at one of our practices.

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