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What to expect at SLODOG Saturday run-through

Run-throughs  A great way to spend a Saturday with our best friend(s) is to join fellow dog lovers from SLODOG at Run-Hi roughs. The Calendar details key information about where and when we meet throughout the year.

Run-throughs are designed to provide competition ring set-ups for practice of traditional Obedience and for Rally. We also make available a Flyball course and Agility jumps and tunnels for practicing these sports.

New and potential members are encouraged to come to Run-throughs and ask questions and observe activities. One may participate at any level and try different activities. Current members are glad to answer questions and help upon request. We can refer folks to local training resources as well.

Saturday run-throughs are generally scheduled twice a month and are located in different parts of the county, check the newsletter or website calendars for locations. We always welcome club members to volunteer and support our run-throughs because they are an essential part of the SLODOG mission. We hope to see you and YOUR best friends at our next Run-through.

SLODOG run-through Contact:Cindy Decker

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