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SLODOG Member Appreciation Day & Meeting

Our officers Began a new tradition In 2006 by turning the club's annual potluck Fun Day Into a Member Appreciation Day. with the club supplying the food and refreshments as a thank you to all the members who volunteer throughout the year at SLODOG events, large and small.

Again, thanks one and all for the help throughout the year!! It takes a lot to pull particularly the big events together, and we couldn't do It with out you!!

SLODOG Is part public outreach, part member network. On the public outreach side, we demonstrate Flyball, Agility, Rally, Obedience and other fun yet disciplined-oriented sports at schools and public events throughout the year. Our big public event is A DOG'S DAY, our annual celebration of the dog; filled with food, fun, demonstrations, activities, competitions, and useful resources such as microchip implanting and Canine Good Citizen Testing.

A Dogs Day 2012

Upcoming UKC Events

SLODOG chose to be sanctioned by the United Kennel Club because UKC allows ALL dogs, not just purebred dogs, to participate in sanctioned events, and we wanted mixed breed dogs to have local obedience trial opportunities.

The United Kennel Club is the second oldest and the second largest all-breed dog registry in the United States. Founded in 1898, the registry has always supported the idea of the total dog, meaning a dog that looks good AND performs well.

All participants in UKC-sponsored events MUST be registered with the UKC; the UKC accepts mixed breed as well as pure-bred dogs. If your dog is not yet UKC-registered and you would like information about registering, visit the UKC registration pages.

Annual UKC Obedience & Rally Trial

SLODOG hosts a UKC (United Kennel Club) Obedience and Rally dog show In the fall. See Annual UKC Trial for more info. See our September calendar for more information. On the member network side, we have our monthly meetings and newsletter, our Saturday run-through practices, plus our SLODOG Fun Days. Once a year we offer a weekend lake side camp out to our members and their canine companions.

SLODOG calendar pages offer times, dates & locations of club activities as well as other dog related events available in the area.



Remember to check SLODOG Facebook for practice rain cancellations


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