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When Lana joined SLODOG in 1999 the focus of the group was Obedience training. There was a small informal group of members making therapy group visits but their resources were limited. Lana started pounding the pavement for ideas and resources. Sydney Creek and later, Vineyard Hills, opened their doors to this hardy band of professional folks with their well-trained, obedient and caring dogs.

Lana named this group Caring Canines in 2003, adding badges, shirts and bandanas to the 'look'. She developed the Caring Canines Manual to lay out our purpose and to serve as a guide to dog behavior during visits.

Thanks to the urging of Sharon Mansker, Lana slowly approached schools to see if they would welcome the dogs. In 2005 Monterey Road School in Atascadero welcomed us with our dogs, then schools in Atascadero, Paso Robles and Los Osos followed.

From the ground up Lana Basinger has been the catalyst and for 11 years the nurturer of Caring Canines and Reading to Rover. We are so very thankful for the opportunity and privilege of being part of her dream.

Honor Roll

Lana Basinger